About us

SADI-93 LTD is a company established in 1993. Between 1993-2011 its main activities are trade and distribution. After 2011 it created and developed new activities – forwarding, transport and logistics in Ruse and the Ruse region. The company has an active partnership with national forwarding and logistics companies.

Transport and logistics

Logistics centre SADI-93 LTD was started in 2011. It works for clients in the town of Ruse and the region. The company has its own warehouse at Turgovska Str.1 / Ivan Trainski Str.1 /in Ruse near “ Turgovia na edro” and “ Tehnoresurs”. It has indoor and outdoor storage facilities over an area of 3000 m ². The centre has 600 pallets slots on a special rack system.


HO-RE-CA /hotels, restaurants, cafes/ Centre is a centre established in 2005. It develops an extensive structura in a stepwise. The centre works more than 300 facilities for hot and cold drinks brand NESCAFE ALEGRIA,NESCAFE LATTES and BUONDI.
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